Aromatherapy - General

Clove Essential Oil – so much more than a great smell.

This has become one of my favorite oils. It has so many properties to it but my fave are the analgesic properties. I use this oil as part of a burn cream mix. I burn my arm regularly on a ceramic curling iron. I’m a klutz! It must be used with a carrier oil of […]

Aromatherapy – our first taste!

If you love peppermint, you are likely unknowingly experimenting with aromatherapy. Not only does it taste great, but it opens up our sinuses and we can breathe better. Peppermint also helps relieve pain from headaches and migraines. #chemicalfree #holistic #naturalliving #lavenderpotions #aromatherapy #essentialoils #smallbusiness #peppermint

Stuffy/Runny Nose? Inhale freely!

Do you have a stuffy/runny nose that never seems to end? A quick inhaler will help with the symptoms of a common cold. It’s easy to make and not expensive!

Let’s Talk Aromatherapy!

I am at the Earl Heck Community Center in Englewood, OH selling my intuitively made products and Plant Therapy essential oils today from 9a to 3p! Come out and see me #lavenderpotions #smallbusiness #chemicalfree #essentialoils #holistic #love my oils