Daily Reading

Daily Reading for 12-07-2016

  Daily Reading for 12-07-2016 Today I pulled a card from Keepers of the Light oracle cards. I received the Joan of Arc card and how beautiful is this message. Joan of Arc teaches us to stand up for what we believe in and voice our truth. She’s a wonderful guide for all lightworkers to […]

Daily Reading for 12-06-2016

Today I pulled a card from the Fairy Tarot card deck. I have an affinity for the fairies! The card I pulled is a Major Arcana card – The Star. Beautiful and stunning this card shines so bright. Whenever things get tough we have to remember there’s always a light at the end of the […]

Daily Reading 11-30-2016

Daily Reading 11-30-2016 I’m a few days behind! So we will start again. Today I pulled a card from the Angel Tarot cards. I pulled Two of Water. For this reading this card is about forgiving the one we love. We’ve all experienced being hurt by someone we love. It’s time to forgive them and […]

Daily Reading 11-24-2016

Today I used a deck from an artist whom I’ve met and just adore. Her artwork is filled with love and light – Celebration of Love. The card I pulled is Abundance. This card is filled with earth angels and beings of the earth. On this day of thanks in the US we need to […]

11-17-2016 Daily Reading

Today I used the Flower Therapy oracle cards and pulled the card Financial Healing – Yellow Lily. Oh how the bright yellow is calling out to me. Yellow can be another description for gold which is money. Many of us have come across financial difficulty at some point in our lives. If you are experiencing […]

11-15-2016 Daily Reading

11-15-2016 Daily Reading Today I used the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins deck to ask the universe what we needed to know. Law of Attraction was very clear we needed 3 cards for an important message. I was given 3 jumping cards. For anyone who isn’t familiar any Card that “jumps” out of the deck while […]

Happy 11-11 Our Angels are happy!

Do you see repetitive numbers alot? Angels use numbers as a way of speaking to people. 1’s are an energy gateway allowing you the path to manifest your true hearts desire. The more consecutive 1’s you see the stronger the gateway and message. Please keep in mind this is for all things in love and […]