Missing those we love

On a daily basis I am reminded of just how much I am never alone. I am loved by so many souls on the other side. It’s hard some day when you can’t reach out and touch them or hear hear┬ávoices. I would love to feel the pat of my Granny’s soft hand or the […]

11-15-2016 Daily Reading

11-15-2016 Daily Reading Today I used the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins deck to ask the universe what we needed to know. Law of Attraction was very clear we needed 3 cards for an important message. I was given 3 jumping cards. For anyone who isn’t familiar any Card that “jumps” out of the deck while […]

11-14 Supermoon Daily Reading

Today I pulled the Krishna card from a lovely deck called “Keepers of The Light” and it features light workers from many different faiths as we are all part of one universe. Krishna’s card represents Devotion. Perhaps you are just awakening to the gift within you or you’ve been practicing for years. The universe is […]

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Whipped Lavender Body Butter – Ahhh it feels so good

This is one of my most sold products because it’s useful for so many things. Lavender has chemical properties in it which help with sleep, burns, bug bites and soothing irritated skin. I have created a body Butter which is chemical free created using certified organic lavender essential oil, unrefined Shea Butter and coconut oil […]

Let’s Talk Aromatherapy!

I am at the Earl Heck Community Center in Englewood, OH selling my intuitively made products and Plant Therapy essential oils today from 9a to 3p! Come out and see me #lavenderpotions #smallbusiness #chemicalfree #essentialoils #holistic #love my oils

Happy 11-11 Our Angels are happy!

Do you see repetitive numbers alot? Angels use numbers as a way of speaking to people. 1’s are an energy gateway allowing you the path to manifest your true hearts desire. The more consecutive 1’s you see the stronger the gateway and message. Please keep in mind this is for all things in love and […]