11-14 Supermoon Daily Reading


Today I pulled the Krishna card from a lovely deck called “Keepers of The Light” and it features light workers from many different faiths as we are all part of one universe.

Krishna’s card represents Devotion. Perhaps you are just awakening to the gift within you or you’ve been practicing for years. The universe is sending this card out today to remind everyone your commitment to this life has been recognized. When we walk the path of faith and light and honor ourselves and others it allows us to provide the spiritual guidance we seek. We are all loved unconditionally and it’s our responsibility to continue this message through our daily life. Focus on your 3rd eye chakra during yoga or meditation to see what else you can do to help the universe. Allow your higher self to connect with others. When your soul is engaged only things for the higher good may manifest.
Just for today: I am a light worker of the universe and I make a positive difference. I am loved and therefore helping to spread love to others.
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