11-15-2016 Daily Reading


11-15-2016 Daily Reading
Today I used the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins deck to ask the universe what we needed to know. Law of Attraction was very clear we needed 3 cards for an important message.

I was given 3 jumping cards. For anyone who isn’t familiar any Card that “jumps” out of the deck while shuffling is always part of the reading. With 3 cards, I knew that was the reading. They all three go together quite well. Protection, Helpful Person and Healing Heart.

All three cards are showing Mermaids in varying positions but one thing that is clear, none of them are alone. The universe wants all of us to know that even in our darkest hour and pain, we are NOT alone. We all have spirit guides who are with us to protect us when they are allowed. Therefore the protection card. All you need to do is simply ask “Spirit Guides, please help me.” Even if you don’t know what you need, they do. They may not interfere on your behalf unless you ask. There is only one exception to this rule which is if the situation will mean your life ending before it’s time. Then they are allowed to help without your permission. Which leads us to the next card. Helpful Person – If we all participate in humanity and allow ourselves to help someone else, the world would be so much better. Maybe that person doesn’t know how to ask for your help, so it’s up to you to listen to your gut and reach out. It may save their life or even help them for the day. A smile goes a long way.Healing Heart – when we are reaching out and helping others we are showing them how wonderful mankind can be. It helps them to see there are still good people and this helps to heal some of their pain. We all have the ability within us to be a healer. Just reach out and try it. You’ll be happily surprised about how much you can heal yourself at the same time.

Just for today: I am thinking of others and I will offer my help without being asked. In doing so, it enriches my life.
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