11-17-2016 Daily Reading


Today I used the Flower Therapy oracle cards and pulled the card Financial Healing – Yellow Lily.

Oh how the bright yellow is calling out to me. Yellow can be another description for gold which is money. Many of us have come across financial difficulty at some point in our lives. If you are experiencing this issue now, examine what you can do to create a positive outlook for this. We are all born with the same abilities to become financially successful, it’s how we use our opportunities which set us apart. Cut up your credit cards if that’s become an issue dor you.

Perhaps you’re not struggling, but have been thinking about creating a budget to start saving more money for that trip you want or those presents you want to buy. Maybe you’ve been feeling like that 2nd job would help you out until you can make it through. Now is the time. Take the steps forward to improve your finances. Just as with the Yellow Lily, we all have our dark spots, choose to turn them into something beautiful.
Just for today: I am the master of my finances. I am creating my budget. #archangels #dailyreading #lavenderpotions #metaphysical #angelcards #angelintuitve #healingheart #helpfulperson #yoga #meditation #higherconsciousness #highervibration #higherself #loveyourself #loveoneanother #flowertherapy #financialsecurity #doreenvirtue #robertreeves