Daily Reading 11-24-2016


Today I used a deck from an artist whom I’ve met and just adore. Her artwork is filled with love and light – Celebration of Love. The card I pulled is Abundance.

This card is filled with earth angels and beings of the earth. On this day of thanks in the US we need to remember Mother Earth and the blessings she has provided for us. We take from her every day and we also need to thank her for the gifts we receive to nourish our bodies. She is love and we should all love her back. Take the time to plant a tree or a flower bush. If you live in a smaller place, get a planter and Plant something green to last all year. These are the ways we can replace the goodness we take from her. Every hole should be filled with a new life. You can also take this time to create a fairy garden to honor the fae who live near you. I have beautiful fairies who glow brightly at night on my property. It’s truly a sight behold.

Just for today: I am thankful for Mother Earth and the gifts she provides. I will make a difference by planting a tree or other greenery. #motherearth #earthangels #fae #fairyology #fairies #archangels #dailyreading #lavenderpotions #metaphysical #angelcards #angelintuitve #healingheart #yoga #meditation #higherconsciousness #highervibration #higherself #loveyourself #loveoneanother