What if…

What happens if today was your last day on Earth as a human? It’s time for you to cross over because your soul contract is done for this lifetime. Are you ready to face whatever is on the other side with dignity and say “I tried really hard. I made mistakes, but I learned to apologize. I hope I made a difference.”

Or will you be saying “OMG already? I have so much left to do. I thought I had more time to change.”

Many people live their lives constantly replaying memories in their head with a scenario of “What if…” wondering if they could have done something different to change the outcome to a specific situation.

  • What if I hadn’t said <XYZ>?
  • What if I hadn’t agreed to turn off life support?
  • What if I had walked away from that bad relationship earlier?
  • What if I had made a right turn instead of a left?

This action is keeping you living in the past with that memory and you are not able to move forward. You’re in a stalemate with a past version of yourself. You know that really annoying saying “Everything happens for a reason”? It’s true! Yes, I know this is something people dislike hearing.

But, why? Why do you dislike hearing this? We live with this ideology of “If I am in control then I wield the power.” We foolishly allow this to settle on us like a soft blanket we aren’t willing to let go of because it’s way too harsh in reality. If we stay under the blanket and pretend we could change it, then… What happens to the rest of that sentence? There is no end of that sentence because you should never change the events of the past. You may change how you feel about them, but not the facts. Only the Divine Source has that type of power. As a human, you don’t want it. You couldn’t handle the responsibility of being omniscient and omnipotent.

What is the point to all of this nonsense? Be in control of what you truly can, being present in your life. Stop having “What if” conversations with yourself which causes you to live in a past that you should not change because the life lessons were important. Those choices and decisions have made you who you are. If you do not like the outcome or who you were in that moment, stop being that person. Make different choices and decisions now.

We have all made mistakes. I have made some pretty big ones which have cost me relationships with family members who I love tremendously. All I can do is sit back and hope that one day I will be forgiven. I refuse to live each day wondering “What if today I’m forgiven?” If you have done what you can, trust the Divine Source is allowing things to play out in the highest good of all involved. This is hard to do when you are a simple human who wants to fix it all.

Step into presence and live your life the way it is right now, not the way it could have been. Reach out to your loved ones who are here in front of you willing to be with you. Send a text. Give an air hug or physical hug when possible. Smile at a stranger. Pay it forward if you are able. I am not perfect, but dammit I try really hard every day to make a difference in someone’s life. I am not saying I am successful at this every day, but I have made a difference.

What if you stop living in the past and become present? How much different would your life be?

Peace and Blessings,

2 thoughts on “What if…

  1. Trishia Camacho says:

    Thank you sharing this. It’s so true. I’m trying my best to get past my troubled past and look at a bright future. You are an amazing person. I hope you know that!!

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