Lion's Gate Ritual 8/8/2020

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Come and join Shelley via Zoom to partake in the energy of Lion's Gate which is marked by an alignment between the Earth and the star Sirius and celebrated every year on 8/8. In this ritual we will utilize this energy to connect with your higher conscious and come into alignment with a higher vibration co-creating with higher beings your soul's purpose in this lifetime. We will have movement to help raise the vibration (you may turn your camera off) and a guided meditation to help us along our path to meet our higher conscious and other high vibration beings in our highest good.(Upon checkout you will be sent a link to download the Zoom instructions. It must be downloaded within 72 hours.)

What is Lion's Gate you ask? August 8th is in the astrological energy of Leo and the masculine which is about setting clear goals with definitive outcomes. During this time period, Orion's Belt directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza and Sirius (the brightest star we can see) rises up so high it appears to be closer to the Earth.

DATE: 8/8/2020
TIME: 7:00pm EST

The Specifics:

  • Bring yourself, a piece of material you can see through such as a scarf for your head, a double-terminated quartz, pen, paper, an essential oil associated with manifestation and a candle along with the desire to be with others of like-minded energy.
  • The ritual will start with a short grounding meditation to set sacred space for all join.
  • Be prepared to share a one word emotion/thought/feeling they are bringing to ritual which does not have to be positive. "I am bringing chaos/happiness/sadness with me into circle. Each participant will be speaking and sharing. This is not just a webinar where you will watch what I do, you will be involved.


You will receive an email right after checking out which will have the Zoom link in it. Please add this date/time and zoom information into your calendar. I will not be available two hours prior to ritual in order to properly prepare and will not be able to respond to emails asking for the link.

You will be required to have video on as we are all sharing in this experience together. Meetings will not be recorded as we may share details of our lives we do not wish anyone else to know.

No one will be accepted into circle 5 minutes after we've started. This is out of respect for those who showed up on time to keep the energy of the circle moving and unbroken.You will be allowed to join 10 minutes prior to ensure you are not late.

What is shared in circle, stays in circle. We do not discuss outside of circle.

When someone else is speaking, do not speak over them or offer them advice unless they ask. This allows each person their moment to be heard, loved and supported.

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