SEPTEMBER'S CLASS IS SOLD OUT - October still has a few slots open

Mediumship 101

Everyone has the ability to connect with Spirit if they choose to open themselves to the opportunity. I believe Mediumship is an ability, not a gift. Spend the day with me and receive tools for your toolbox on how to develop your ability to raise your vibration in order to hear, see or feel Spirit around you. Each class is kept to only 6 students per class to allow for questions and connection with each student.

In this class we will learn about:

  • The proper level of consciousness to provide optimal connection to Spirit
  • Raising your own vibration in order to develop a connection with Spirit
  • 7 Chakra system and 12 chakra system
  • Definition of energy and how it applies to Spirit connections
  • Pendulums and how to use them

You will be guided through two separate meditations:

  • Opening the Channel to create a greater connection to Spirit
  • Meeting your personal Spirit Communicator Guide

By the end of class you will have:

  • Received messages for yourself
  • Received messages for a classmate
  • Met your own Spirit Communicator Guide
  • An understanding of the chakras
  • An understanding of Energy
  • An understanding of consciousness and vibration
  • Learned how to raise your own vibration
  • Using a pendulum

In addition to class time, you will have an opportunity to join a Facebook Group to practice your skills for free with other students who've taken the class. The group is Secret and cannot be found unless you are invited. This is my requirement so you may keep your identity and group access hidden from any family members whom you do not wish to share your passion.

What to bring to class:

  • Eyefold
  • Pendulum of your choice (If you do not have one, bring string and a ring)
  • Water to maintain hydration
  • NO EXPECTATIONS of yourself

Where: Zoom link to be provided after payment of class