Thank you for visiting my website! I truly appreciate you taking a moment out of your day to peruse my offerings. If there is anything you don’t see, but would like to see, please let me know.

I am currently working to get magickal properties listed for all of my herbs. Please be patient with me while I research and figure out how to do this whole website thing. It’s not easy!

My name is Maria Leggett, but my nickname is Shelley which I prefer. I work tirelessly to serve Spirit by assisting my clients in the questions they have for their own personal journey. It is my personal mission to help bring a voice to those who have felt they were not afforded one. I receive divine guidance through my practices of meditation, reiki, shamanism, divination, tarot, aromatherapy, witchcraft and magick. I am a Reiki Master and psychic medium who is certified in aromatherapy and Melody Crystal Healing (TAOMCHI). I am also registered with the state of Ohio to perform weddings/handfastings. My services include mediumship, tarot card readings, past life ascension, chakra clearing and balancing, crystal reiki, power animal retrieval, power animal readings, home cleansings, blessings and weddings.